Extra People/Guests Wanting Styling
If any additional people require makeup or hair styling on the day, but are not scheduled for an appointment, this is not a problem providing there is time. 


Tina or any other artist working with her, are not, under any circumstances, responsible for any allergic reactions to products used. It is the responsibility of the client to notify Tina if you have sensitive skin or have any known allergies. You are more than welcome to bring your own product(s) that you are familiar with and Tina or one of her team members will be happy to use what you have provided.

On the rare event that Tina should be unable to fulfil your booking, Tina reserves the right to cancel, refer or transfer your booking at any point to another reputable and competent artist.


Customers are required to ensure that they are on time for their booking. Due to the nature of scheduling, Tina can not extend your appointment time. If you are more than 15 minutes late to a booking without sufficient notice, there will be an additional fee of +100kr to cover possible compensation to the following client.


Tina asks the client and all other clients of package bookings to be available on set for the makeup to be finished before the latest time the client has to be ready by. There is an additional time booked for bridal bookings so that the client is ready in good time before the latest time she needs to be ready by, to ensure that there will be sufficient time in case of any emergency happenings. Please be aware that the client may be ready before the latest time she needs to be ready by, as it's important that Bridal Bookings are not cut close to the latest time of having to be ready, but in 1-2 hours prior to this time, as long as it is before the stated "latest time" provided by the Client.



You are asked to kindly give a minimum of 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel or change an appointment. Deposits are non-refundable. Any later cancellation than 48hrs will be invoiced for 50% of the full booking cost to be paid within 14 working days. If the cancellation fee is not paid within this timeframe, it will be filed to the official Danish Small Claims Procedure and the case will become one for court. 


Terms and Conditions are accepted when booking through Social Media profiles of Tina Alfheim.

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