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For those of you who don't know, I'm really excited about the makeup brand Charlotte Tilbury. These are products that are amazing on the skin, anything from highlighters to eyeshadows. Since the brand is not sold in Denmark, I strike when I am in London or order from their online shops.

If I need to refill my favorite Light Wonder, I shop on The nice thing is that we are both in the EU (For so long...) so there won't be any surprises in custom fees when ordering from the UK to Denmark. Otherwise, it is of course best to look for places where they sell Charlotte Tilbury when traveling.

Hollywood Beauty Light Wand in color Spotlight is one of my big favorites when it comes to highlighters. A perfect champagne color and looks very natural on the skin despite it contains a lot of shimmer. I have had the previous one for over 8 months so I would say it is quite long lasting.

In the same format, there is also a Hollywood Contour Wand, which is a liquid contouring product in cold tones. Perfect when you want to emphasize facial features like cheekbones without giving the skin too much red tones that you get from eg. from a solar powder. I bought it in medium / dark so it can be used in summer too. It seemed very dark when I first tested it but it was very nice to blend. New favorite! I also have one in my client-kit which I use it on most of my clients! In the hottest summers I may opt for powder bronzers such as Tom Ford, due to the melting heat.

Another product I have been very interested in testing is the blush in the same series, Glowgasm Beauty Light Wand. I went for the color Peachgasm which is in a lovely peach tone with shimmer. Basically, I'm a bit skeptical of blush with shimmer, since it's often applied a little further down the cheek. Glowgasm is absolutely beautiful on the skin and is the finest when placed slightly high, the extremity of the cheeks / cheekbone.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my new personal and client product favorites and see you next blog post! Feel free to leave any questions or ask for any of my professional advice in the comments below xx Tina Alfheim

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