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Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Hello fellow Danes and visitors from the World! Let me give you some wedding tips...

My name is Tina Alfheim, and I have been working with all kinds of weddings in Copenhagen for a few years now.

Today I am sharing the secrets of which people I am happy to put my recommendations behind for your wedding in Copenhagen.

I have witnessed a handful wedding agencies, florists, photographers, wedding planners and caterers throughout the years I've spent doing the makeup for the brides. It has given me a strong impression about which companies are truly talented and worth your time and money.

The people I am recommending today, will always be on time, always deliver amazing product and always be professional and kind. The standard should be very high for one of the most important days in your life.

Styling by: Tina Alfheim


I have been very lucky to work with Renate on multiple occations, as she is the expert of taking authentic pictures where the bride and groom feel comfortable to express all their emotions without thinking that there is a camera present at all. Renate has sent me some of the pictures she has taken from the styling process as well, which has turned out beautiful! I will post a little picture here so you can see some of Renate's work from the styling process!

Renates Website:

Photo Credit: Renate Meimere


I have not had the pleasure to meet the crew behind Miss Liss or Lars Jon yet-- but I have seen their beautiful flower creations and the longevity of the flowers, in the hand of my brides on the wedding day. Normally they keep them out of the hotel mini bar fridge, and I get to see them before I leave! I always ask my brides where they got them, and the most beautiful bouquets are always from Missliss or Lars Jon. Always.

Miss Liss Blomster: Lars Jon:

Photo Credit: Renate Meimere

Wedding Agency and Planner:

This is a strong recommendation especially for those coming from abroad! The leading agency for weddings from abroad in Denmark is none other than Getting Married in Denmark.

Another recommendation is Leanne from Marryabroadsimply will make sure you have all the advice you need as well as all your documents correct for your wedding in the Venues of Copenhagen. or interest@marryabroadsimply

Catering Recommendations:

Danish Food:

Vegan Food: &

Iranian Food:

Indian Food:


Hotel Danmark:

Admiral Hotel:

Herman K:

Make up and Hair Styling:

I have the pleasure of working as a makeup artist and hair stylist for hundreds of weddings myself, and I have several lovely assistants helping me for larger weddings, to save the most time and nerve on the big day.

You can find us on & on Instagram:

Photo Credit: Renate Meimere Styling by: Tina Alfheim

I hope you appreciate these recommendations, you are also more than welcome to leave a comment or send me any questions!

Thanks for reading!

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Best regards,

Tina Alfheim

Photo Credit: Miss Liss Blomster

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