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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Regardless of whether you live by the thought that love ought to be praised each and every day—not only on February 14—there's something sweet about a 24-hour time span devoted to communicating your heart.

Date evenings, parties, long weekends away some place sunny or a night tucked under the warm blankets of your home are all fun ways to ring in Valentine's Day. Regardless of whether you're taking off (or staying home), I have all the best tips for you!

Evening Out With a Long-Time Partner: Romantic Cat Eye

For the individual who finds you beautiful in just joggers, in your Glammed Up Self and in those appreciated photographs from your wedding day, I suggest starting with a classic, beautiful and enticing cat eye. Everybody adores a feline eye and wispy lashes. It's an incredible date look since he will see you as he usually does but.. just a little different, in the best way!

Get the Look: To make your eyes less night-on-the-town and increasingly sultry and interesting, layer a fluid liner directly over the eye line, giving it what Lucero calls "a strike of 12 PM" that will enchant him throughout the night. Include much more charm with a highlighter and soft, liquid blush to give you the look of freshly kissed skin that’ll make you glow from the starters to desserts!

Date With a New Love Interest: Go Smokey

The promise of a relationship that could transform into the relationship brings a specific sense of magic. Every touch is noticeable, each shared laugh or commonality holds possibility, and even holidays you once found cheesy are now days to look anticipate. Valentine’s Day may hold a new importance this year, as you’re in the spring of courtship, and for this, I recommend going all out with your new accomplice. From contouring and highlighting to sweet, sexy blush, delicate lips and lashes, wow your date with your endless beauty.

Get the Look: Make it a night they will always remember. Go with a soft, nude lip and a smokey eye, and keep your hair out of your face so they can happily gaze at your polished face, using eyelashes will also amp up the sex-appeal and make you look as fierce as you are! Girls Night Out: Glitter and Sparkles

Maybe you’ve had a recent past of not-good--not-bad-mediocre dates or you’re in the process of healing from a unfortunate breakup. Perhaps you’re simply focusing on your career happily and find yourself more attracted to wanderlust than romantic lust. Whatever the reason for flying solo this Valentine’s Day, use this night as a chance to laugh until your sides hurt with your best girlfriends! There’s no better time to pull out the glitter than now, especially since preparing to hit the bars is sometimes the best part of the evening, so have fun with it!

Get the Look: Stick to a dark color that suits your eye color all over your lid and blend, blend, blend! Add a primer on top, dab it in and apply your favorite glittery pigment or shimmer. This look screams beauty statement.

Date Night In: Subtle & Sexy

If you’re new parents, quite stressed with work or you just can’t be bothered to leave the house for a so-called holiday, you might be just spending Valentine’s Day inside yourself or with a special one. To pair well with your sushi or delivery pizza, go subtle and fresh with your look.

Get the Look: A swipe of mascara with a bit of highlighter, drop foundation, and you’ll have just the right amount of glow. Add some tinted lip balm. You won’t need much more just to have a quiet—or not so quiet—night in!

Valentine’s Day Getaway: Sun-kissed & Strategic

If you've booked a Valentines somewhere sunny-, before you hop your flight, I recommend getting strategic about your packing. Since a light bag is always more comfy than one that strains your shoulder, consider products that double up for more than one purpose. Instead of blush and lip stain, opt for something that functions as both. Skip the heavy lotion and opt for a travel-sized scrub pack that’ll keep your skin touchable and soft!

Get the Look: Apply bronzer on key areas and add some highlighter to the top of cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, bridge of your nose, outer-eye corner and brow bone. Then, add some mascara and nude lip gloss. Your skin will look gorgeous.

If you want to book a lesson for one of these looks, or if you'd like a perfect makeup laid by me or one of my top make up artists, then feel free to inquire through chat or book a time here!

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Makeup & Hair Specialist

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